We've gathered some helpful information on Isla Mujeres to help you make the most of your vacation.

General information on Isla Mujeres:

These two web sites contain a wealth of information about the island. IslaMujeres.info has online message boards and interactive features to get you the best information possible.

How to get to Isla Mujeres:

Once you arrive at the Cancun International Airport you have different options for getting to the ferry to Isla Mujeres. Taxis are an easy option and can be hired directly after you leave the customs area; however they are the most expensive. Airport transfers with private companies in tour vans are also a very easy and lower cost way to get to the ferry dock (Grand Puerto, Puerto Juarez). Below are a few links to services we have used.
  • We personally use Felipe Alvarez for airport transfers. He owns three vans, and he and his drivers are courteous, on time, and reliable. You can contact him to arrange for him to meet you at the airport (he'll be outside with a sign with your name on it) by e-mailing him at felialvare@yahoo.com.mx. Please mention Harriet Lowe and tell him you are staying at our house. The cost is $30 US each way plus tip.
  • USA Transfers
  • Best Day
  • Cancun Valet
Once you arrive at the Ultra Mar dock the ferries run on the half hour until the evening and then run hourly. For the most accurate schedule check their website.

If You Need Anything on Isla Mujeres:

Ask Isla Concierge Services. Contact Jose Montes at Ask Isla. You can e-mail him at jose@askisla.com or call him at 011 52 1 998 187 9777. Ask Isla offers full concierge services: golf carts or bicycle rentals, snorkeling or diving trips, fishing excursions, Mayan sites tours, in home massages or beauty treatments, shopping needs, etc. Ask Isla’s motto is, “All you need to do is ASK.”

Isla Rentals was created to help fill a need for vacationers visiting the island by providing the extra items that will help make your stay more enjoyable. Rent what you need for the beach, for the house and for the children so you can spend more time relaxing and less time packing. The rental items are located on Isla Mujeres so we can deliver right to your vacation spot or rental home. We have a variety of items that you can rent by the week.

Los Indios Golf Carts service includes; Basic insurance, gasoline refill, 24 hours asistence, delivery and pick up if you need it.

What to do on Isla Mujeres

While Isla Mujeres can't compete with her sister island Cozumel for dramatic dive experiences, Isla does offer some great diving and nice variety of interesting dives. UltraFreeze and Cancun wreck dives, sleeping sharks cave, La Musa, coral caves etc. If the currents and weather are right try the South Point drift dive. It's a bit like an underwater roller coaster and you frequently see turtles and dolphins. If you are really into adventure Cenote (cave) diving is available within an easy day trip from Isla.

If snorkeling is more your style, Isla has basic snorkeling available right off shore. The eastern side of North Beach is a great place to see fish, coral, and sea stars. Just stay on the calm side of the reef. Garrafon Park and Garrafon de Castilla are two other options for shore snorkeling in a park environment. The best snorkeling around Isla though is reached via boat which also gives you great views of the island from the water and most tours include a fantastic local fish lunch afterward.

For both diving and snorkeling we recommend Seahawk Divers. Additionally, there are always snorkeling tours being sold and leave straight from the ferry dock.

La Musa is an underwater statue museum started in 2009 with hundreds of statues made from materials that promote coral growth. One of the ideas was to create an area in barren sand to allow coral to grow. Another was to give some of the many scuba and snorkeling visitors to the area something to visit thereby reducing visits to the nearby reef taking some of the pressure off the fragile eco-systems. Both snorkeling and scuba tours can be booked from Isla.

Whale Sharks
If you are lucky enough to be visiting us from June-September, snorkeling with the whale sharks is a must do for anyone interested in marine life or adventure. Normally solitary creatures, the whale sharks converge in waters near to Isla in vast numbers. Just viewing these docile creates from the boat is breath taking enough but the experience of swimming alongside them is indescribable. Check out www.islawhalesharks.com. Seahawk Divers also provides whale shark tours.

Sport Fishing
Isla offers great sport fishing all year round with great catches like Tuna and Wahoo, but from about January to March Isla is a hotbed for Sailfish Sport Fishing. Strictly catch and release though! Jax Sport Fishing will take care of you!

Sunset Cruise
A recent but very welcome addition to Isla, Induna Charters runs amazing sunset cruises each week from Thursday to Sunday. It is hard to truly appreciate the beauty of the waters around Isla without getting out on the water. This well equipped catamaran is the best way we've found to do it. Watch the water (an all your worries) pass by as you lay on the nets. End the experience by watching a breathtaking Isla Mujeres sunset. You won't be disappointed. Induna Charters

Mundaca Park
The land was once the home of the Pirate Mundaca who had a colorful story on Isla Mujeres. A fun stop while touring around the island, you can learn a little island history while enjoying a touch of nature.

Turtle Farm
Part of the local turtle protection program, the turtle farm serves to protect the local endangered species of sea turtle. They operate as an attraction in order to educate visitor and locals alike as well as generate an extra source of income to support the program. During turtle mating season volunteers from this group patrol the turtle nesting areas to ensure they are protected and not bothered by the curious onlookers. Once the eggs are laid they protect them until hatching and conduct several 'releases' that also serve as an educational tool for local kids to learn to respect and protect the turtles.

Isla Contoy
A local bird sanctuary, a visit to Isla Contoy makes for a great day trip excursion from the island. Tours usually leave early in the morning for the scenic boat trip to Contoy. The island itself is only inhabited by park rangers, ecologists and part of the year a few local fisherman who travel further than what can be reached directly from Isla Mujeres. Once you arrive you can stroll around the island on sandy paths or take advantage of their beautiful beaches. The cove where the boats dock is also a protected area for snorkeling. Tour operators generally prepare a wonderful local lunch on the island to get you ready for the ride back. Most boats also make a stop at a shallow reef on the return trip to allow participants a chance for some great reef snorkeling.

Garrafon Park
Garrafon Natural Reef Park is a snorkel park located at the southern tip of Isla Mujeres. This park is unique as there is a reef located just a few feet off the shore. This provides the opportunity very convenient snorkeling!! For those not interested in snorkeling there are lots of hammocks and chairs for resting, a pool for cooling yourself and plenty of staff just waiting to bring you snacks, lunch, or drinks. Visit their site at http://www.garrafon.com/

Dolphin Discovery
Ever dream of being up close and personal with the most interesting intelligent creatures in the ocean? Through the programs offered from Dolphin Discovery you can be in the water, touch and even kiss the most loved of all sea creatures! Dolphin Discovery also offers encounter programs with sting rays, manatees, sea lions and even sharks! Visit their site at http://www.dolphindiscovery.com/

Attractions Close to Isla Mujeres

Mayan Ruins
There are many Mayan ruins within a day's trip or you take an overnight trip to really explore. Chichen-Itza is the largest and most famous of the ruins, but Ek-Balam, Tulum, and Coba are also worth checking out and normally much less crowded.

Cenotes are a fairly unique occurrence on the Yucatan peninsula. There are no above ground rivers on the Yucatan so all water movement happens via underground rivers. Over time cenotes have been formed as either caves leading to the waters or as sink holes where the roofs have caved in. They are amazing to visit and provide a great chance to cool off on a hot day. There are many parks set up around cenotes up and down the Mayan Riviera as well as many places to visit inland. Hidden Worlds is one of the largest and most popular.

The largest of the Mayan theme parks X-Caret offers a full day of fun with a lot of cultural exhibits and shows. It also operates as an animal reserve giving you the chance to see many local animals. Visit their site at http://www.xcaret.com/

A unique natural aquarium, Xel-Ha park formed where water from underground rivers mixes with the salty ocean water resulting in a very unique experience. Mainly for snorkeling or just enjoying being in the water, the protected waters of the park are full of fish and fun things to see. Visit their site at http://www.xelha.com

The newest of the theme park family on the Riviera Maya, XPlor is set inland and features zip lines stretched over the jungle canopy and ATV vehicles to help you explore the jungle and even into caves. You can also paddle our way through one of their underground river tours if you need some water or want to escape from the sun. Visit their site at http://www.xplor.travel/


For more infomation on Isla Mujeres check out IslaMujeres.info or Isla-Mujeres.net